how to hunt a fruit fly

'Tis the season. Here's some advice for those of you, like me, suffering from a fruit fly epidemic: build a trap. A fruit fly trap is economical and rather fun to build. Plus it makes you look like a friggin' genious/problem solver.
  1. Get a jar or large cup.
  2. Put a piece of banana at the bottom.
  3. Make a funnel from a piece of paper. Ensure that the bottom part is almost closed but not quite. The idea is for the flies to fly in and not out.
  4. Put the funnel in the jar so it rests on the rim.
  5. Tape the funnel in place
  6. Watch.
  7. But not too closely. You don't want to scare them away.
If it gets too crowded in there, let them loose outside. Just make sure you close the doors and windows first.